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The FINAL Perfect Proof! (May 15, 2015)

Coming June 6, 2015!

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    Coming May 1st!

    Posted by Text Line Texture on Friday, April 10, 2015

Hi. I’m Text. Welcome to my web page. :)

The book, Text Line Texture, will be available on Amazon (+Kindle), and on the Apple iBooks store This Spring!

When confronted out of the blue by a thin red Line, our main character, Text, sets out on a fun path of self discovery. A path that leads to a new friendship along the way. For parents who love to read to their children, Text Line Texture is the perfect introduction into the world of text-only books.

Humorous “Illustrated” Children’s book. Age range: 4-10.

For parents who like to read to their children: Text Line Texture is an illustrated narrative about the kind of letters found in chapter books. The book gives new meaning to the written word - Text. For beginning readers. Text Line Texture shows that words can do more than they say, and also have a lot of fun in doing so.

Preview the eBook version now.

“A book you and your child will LOVE reading TOGETHER.”
An adorable, humorous book for children about an overly serious character who finally learns to share. In learning to share a friendship is formed and the fun really begins.

“Text Line Texture is the most fun you and your child will have reading Text.” – #TextRules #TextRocks

A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. Start something for a child today.

About The Author

Thomas Hallgren

While attending a summer school course at Yale when he was a design student, Thomas illustrated and wrote his first book and discovered his first love—making children’s books. Creating the images. Writing the text. Sequencing the pages. It was all such a magical experience. And he’s been a fan ever since.

An accomplished designer, art director, and creative director with more than two decades of experience, Thomas eventually came to the realization through his work that the kind of dialogue found on the pages of this book had actually been taking place in his own thoughts. In order to get words and graphics to play well together and express a big idea, Thomas had to embark time and time again on a path of creative discovery that often included a happy accident or two. This is when the fun really begins!

Thomas is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and an Emmy member with a long list of national and international design awards.

©2015 Thomas Hallgren